Ася (huli_tam) wrote,

насмотрелась Джейсоновских фотографий


A city of spaces and silences, a beehive devoid of bees,
its are's, when scoured and stripped, turn into used-to-be's

Memory with its low tides, high tides, phases of mind,
retreats in a frightened hurry, leaving nameless stones behind

and then flows back in a gush, aching to fill every hole,
like a remorseful thief who comes to give back what he stole.

Is a man but a part of a shop sign, a curve of its alef in "קאַווע",
a flake of discolored paint, a flash from under the cover?

And will you hear when the scribbles written in ink and chalk,
our scattered unfound letters, wake up and begin to talk?
Tags: древоточец, львів, языки, מאַמע-לשון

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