Ася (huli_tam) wrote,

манифест реконструкционистской еврейской lgbt-friendly общины в Атланте

сижу дома с бесконечной работой и злая на себя и весь мир

а J щас на другом континенте слушает Кол Нидрей

в чудесной общине, которая обращается к людям с таким текстом:

"We warmly welcome you if you are queer, straight, bisexual, gay, questioning, lesbian, asexual, confused or prefer no label at all. We welcome all those who are single, happily married or maybe not so happily, divorced and separated. We welcome women, drag queens and kings, and men, too. We offer sincere welcome to you who are Jewish, are Jew-ish, love a Jew or love like a Jew, and a welcome to the curious, to seekers of all faiths, to those of Sephardi, Mizrachi, Ashkenazi or unknown descent. We welcome you if you embrace mysticism, if you question or reject God, if you employ contemplative practice, if you are a Reconstructionist, Conservative, Orthodox, Renewal or Reform, if you are a Humanist, Culinary or Post-Denominational Jew. We welcome those who are dirt poor or filthy rich or anywhere in between, those who come in a suit or heels––or both!––those who wear a yarmulke or don't, have blue hair, no hair or a perfect coif. You are welcomed here if you are more Jewish than Moses, have only a Jewish father, have two Jewish mothers, are a Jew-by-choice or a Jew without one. If you only come twice a year, don't call your mother enough or still live with her––here you are welcome. We welcome you if you speak fluent Hebrew, stumble on transliteration, never uttered a word of it in your life, curse in Yiddish, or sing in Ladino. We welcome artists, writers, students, singers, and those who crunch numbers, those who practice law, those who are unemployed and underemployed, those who teach, build, plant, serve. We welcome you if you are down on your luck or happier than honey on apples, if you're tired of religious dogma, if you're hopeful or hopeless, if you're having problems or are good with answers. We extend a warm welcome to activists and also to the apolitical, to accidental advocates and to silent resisters, those who embrace the status quo and those who buck convention."
Tags: coś_co_kocham_najwięcej, идишкайт, йонтойвим, лгбт

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